5 no-sweat tips for an effective air-fryer maintenance

An air-fryer is a conveniently designed device that is perfect for cooking various kinds of food the healthy way in the kitchen. Since this device is very convenient to use, it would be necessary to keep it at its best condition for the longest time possible.

Having a handy and functional air-fryer anytime is a must-have once you’ve tried it.

Because it’s relatively newer technology compared to other cooking devices in the kitchen, one may think that it’s high maintenance. However, the ease of taking care and keeping this device clean is mostly dependent on the user’s knowledge of how to do so.

Here are 5 useful and no-sweat tips in keeping your air-fryer as good as new over a long period of time.


First, protect the electrical parts.

  • Like any other device that relies on electricity for power, keep the cable and plug from getting wet.
  • Also, make sure to unplug the device when not in use.
  • This way, you ensure that the device won’t be damaged or completely wrecked by any form of electrical failure or surge. 

Second, clean the parts after each use.

  • Make sure to clean the basket and pan after each use.
  • Don’t let food or ingredients that settled stay in the pan longer than it should.
  • It’s designed to hold food, but if food stays on it for a long time, it becomes prone to bacteria and other microorganisms that may either damage or clog the air-fryer’s part, or simply, make cooking with it unsanitary.
  • Cooking with an air-fryer is healthy, no one would like to ruin that with unsanitary habits.


Third, alongside cleaning, ensure that no food residues are left behind

  • Check and double check the air-fryer’s parts for any stuck or clogging food residues and make sure to remove it as soon as you see it.
  • Letting food residues stay for longer than it should is highly unsanitary and could damage the device too.
  • To prevent having a hard time on looking for food residues after cooking, one can use baking paper or aluminum foil to cover the surface where food would be placed before cooking.
  • This way, you only have to remove the aluminum foil or baking paper, and the air-fryer would be clean and residue-free.

Fourth, make sure to wipe the outside surface well too

  • A moist sponge or cloth could be used to wipe away dirt or possibly a little amount of grease or stain outside your air-fryer.
  • This way, you can keep its new-look no matter how often you use it. Because most likely, you will use it often once you start.

Lastly, don’t let bad odor stay

  • Bad odor means that some residues that could not be seen may have left some traces on your air-fryer.
  • Don’t let this stay there for long.
  • Squeezing a lemon and letting it sit on the air-fryer for about 20-30mins will do the trick. Let it stay longer if after that, the smell still stays. You wouldn’t like your air-fryer to smell bad. Also, it might affect the smell of your next air-fryer dish.

That’s it. Hopefully you can keep your air-fryer as good as new! Let’s see how long it will last with these tips in mind!