Are there any major disadvantages of dry frying through an air fryer?

Dry frying method is the simplest of all the other cooking methods and is quite popular for preparing fish and meat dishes. With the help of this method, you can create a crust on the piece of meat which adds crispness to the dish.

This method has numerous methods in terms of flavour and texture, but also has some major disadvantages which are quite difficult to ignore.

Disadvantages of dry frying

High risk of burnt food

This method requires special attention because the food is cooked at 300-400 F temperature. If you lose your focus from cooking even for a fraction of seconds, then there are chances that the food might get burnt because of a high temperature level.


Burnt food will spoil the taste and moreover all your efforts will go in vain.

Like other methods you cannot leave the kitchen because you need to keep a regular eye on the food when you are using this cooking method.

However, the cooking time is quite less in this method which makes things simpler for you.

Quick to dry out

As this method quickly cooks food, the food is also quick to dry out. So, you need to be extremely carefully and an expert before using this method in order to enjoy delicious crisp foods.


Development of Acryl Amide

Another major disadvantage of deep frying method is the development of acrylamide.


When you use grilling or roasted method for cooking meat, you will find blackened crusts in the meat. This compound is found in this area and is not at all safe for health as it can lead to cancer.

So, if you are using a deep frying method for grilling or roasting meat then make sure you remove all the blackened areas of the meat before eating.

However, Benefits

These are some of the major disadvantages of deep frying method which are quite difficult to ignore. However, the best solution to get rid of this problem is to use air fryer.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of this appliance which completely over took the problems of deep frying method:

  • This popular kitchen appliance comes with auto shut off feature which automatically turns off the heating coil when the food is properly cooked. So, there is no chance risk of burning.
  • You can use this appliance to cook food in different methods. This appliance makes sure the food is properly cooked and no area gets blackened due to overheat, which means there is no chance of development of acrylamide.
  • No cooking method is able to preserve nutrients as maximum nutrients are leached out during cooking. However, if you cook food then you will be able to preserve all the nutrients of the food which makes the food healthier.

These are some of the benefits of air fryer which solve the major problems of deep frying method. So, get this popular cooking appliance as soon as possible and enjoy numerous benefits such as different cooking methods, time saver, economical and much more.