Butterball Deep Fryer: Realizing your dream homemade deep-fried turkey

Butterball deep fryer: What’s the hype about?

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The butterball deep fryer is one big cooking equipment that is electrically powered. With its size, a 20 pound turkey could be cooked and deep-fried with so much ease! It’s also a lot safer and convenient as compared to conventional and deep casseroles that people used to employ in deep frying.

They say that cooking is an art, and it sure is! But it could sometimes be intimidating to others. Some dishes are easy, while others may require knowledge and skills in executing some cooking techniques to achieve a well-cooked and tasting dish without accidents. One of the cooking techniques that may require utmost care for most is deep-frying. A lot of starters in cooking take extra care in deep-frying, as it is prone to oil splashing, thus burns, or even fire occasionally.

Why let that stop you from creating juicy meat with crispy skin at home? Here we’ll talk more about the butterball deep fryer, its highlights, features, and even deeper with its pros and cons. If you’d like to know more about the butterball fryer, or if you simply want to have some help in deep frying without fear of getting a blister. Read on!


Some of the greatest attributes of the butterball deep fryer are these: safety, ease of use, and economical. The butterball deep fryer has safety features that make deep frying a hassle free task. Best of which is its no-splash design with a porcelain inner coaing and stainless steel outside. It also has a lid that secures the oil and heat inside. This assures that oil won’t splatter all over the countertop, or possibly to an inexperienced cook.

The aforementioned design helps in easier cleaning and faster cooking, as it keeps heat and the oil inside. Aside from a clean kitchen, the deep fryer itself boasts of easy to clean parts too. It has a drain inside for removing oil easily and has a one piece removable lid that could make cleaning thorough.

Lastly, its fast cooking time and less oil usage also makes it very economical. On the average, it is said to take at least 4mins for every pound of chicken to be perfectly cooked. It also claims to use 33% less oil compared to conventional fryers.


  • This deep fryer measures 15.43in x 15.35in x 13.66 in and weighs around 14.3 pounds. It runs on 1650 watts.
  • It is operated through an analog control panel that requires turning a dial for setting temperature.
  • Once temperature is reached, the ready signal lights up and you may slowly lower what you need to fry.
  • For setting the time, simply push the timer button to the desired time and release the button after.
  • It also comes with an auto shut-off feature that turns the equipment off once it gets too hot.
  • It also comes with a digital timer that could be thy bestfriend in avoiding overcooked meat.
  • As said, it has a porcelain inner coating and a stainless steel exterior.
  • Insider, the cooking basket is aluminum, and comes with a convenient hook for lifting and lowering turkey.

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Pros and Cons

Some of the already mentioned pros are the facts that it is splash-proof, uses less oil, has a great cooking time, an auto shut off, and timer. These all make cooking much easier, safer and economical. However, there’s more about this deep fryer.

It’s durable. With the said materials used for this, it’s definitely made to last long. It’s also a versatile device that is perfect for deep frying turkey (which isn’t something that any other deep fryer or casserole could easily do). It also could be used for boiling and steaming not only for turkey but also for vegetables, seafood, and practically anything!

However, this deep fryer is very big. It’s an advantage, as it could cook even a 20 pound turkey, but that makes it very heavy and space-consuming, which doesn’t make it very mobile for picnics or camping plans.  The oil also takes time to heat up.

In conclusion,

All in all, if you’re looking for that equipment that could cook anything from a deep-fried turkey to french fries, this is perfect! Especially if you’re just starting out in cooking, but would really like to try deep frying without putting yourself through the typical hassle that it comes with.