Air Fryer Price: How much and is it worth it?

How Air Fryer Price is Determined

Price is one of the biggest factors we consider before plunging into buying a new equipment or investment. In the same way, it is not surprising that air fryer price is one of the things that we put into consideration to determine if we need an air fryer or could live without it.

Air fryer price determines not just the money spent on a commodity, sometimes air fryer price is a good reflection of a product’s quality. At times, high air fryer price could be associated to a well-established brand that is known for its commitment to good quality. It could also reflect how much features it has that aide in ease of use and how old or new the model is. Many people have grown to link high air fryer price to better air fryer quality. However, the occurrence of equally great quality air fryers for a lower price is fairly common in the market now.

Three air fryers: A comparison

In this article, three of what may be considered the best air fryers in the market will be compared and contrasted in terms of features, price, and over-all quality.

Great value for your buck

The Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100B is sold at walmart’s website for $$. It weighs roughly around 13.6lbs and is manually operated.

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Who is it best for?

It’s easy to conclude that this air fryer would be best for those still in doubt of using air fryers for cooking. Air fryers are known for allowing cooking with much less oil while keeping food still crispy and tasty.


Although being manually operated may be a downside to some, it’s also a good way to get familiar with how air fryers work. This air fryer could cook up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, is ETL certified, and has rapid air technology that assures even and fast cooking time.  The basket however, is not made of non-stick materials and could get difficult to clean at times.

Most sought after

The GoWISE USA GW22621 is sold at an original of $$$ at GoWISE USA’s website. It’s 9 x 8.5 x 12 inches and weighs 12 lbs. It’s also digital touch screen operated.

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Who is it best for?

This is best for anyone who loves technology and ease of use . Unlike Avalon Bay, this is digital and touch screen, and is equipped with more features for ease of use and safety. The listed price could be on the mid-range for price, but since it sells so well in the market, deals are often not that hard to find.


As said, this is a touch-screen digital that comes with a button guard and a dettachable basket. The button guard helps assure that the fry basket won’t accidentally be dettached. It also comes in 7 built-in smart programs, namely: meat, chips, fish, shrimp, chicken, steak, and manual. It comes with a 30min timer and automatically shuts down once it’s done cooking. So no worries on burnt food!

Best one out there

Philips HD9240/94 Airfryer Avance’ suggested retail price from Philips’ website is $$$$. This is the XL version with a size of 16.6 x 12.4 x 11.9 inches at 19 lbs. This is also a digital touch screen air fryer.

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Who is it best for?

By saying that it is the best one out there, we’re not saying it’s best for everybody, this has the most in terms of features and even size. It’s best for serious air fryer lovers out there who feed a relatively bigger family or loves cooking in bulk.


The 9240 is not often listed as the best air fryer amongst Philips models, most probably for its size. However, we’re putting this here to give bigger options for those who are looking for air fryers that seriously stepped the game up. Philips has smaller models that could be checked out if you prefer a smaller size.

This could cook up to 390 degrees. What sets it apart from most air fryers is its timer could be set up to 60mins, with a ready signal and an auto shut-off. It also comes with a smart preset button that keeps the settings ready for your favorite food. One of the best features here is it’s very easy to clean with its dishwasher-safe parts. The 9240 is better than the other Philips air fryer models as it allows adjusting the temperature and timer independently, and has more room for more food. It could also cook faster than the other models.


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Philips hd9230/26 is an incredible air fryer with multiple features

Air fryer is a useful cooking appliance as it allows the user to cook healthy and delicious food. If you are planning to buy an air fryer, then you need to take important factors such as capacity, maintenance into consideration, before making a purchase. You will find it extremely difficult to choose the best model, as there are only a few models that support amazing features.

Philips HD9230/26 Air Fryer is considered as the best model because of its incredible features. Because of its amazing features, this model has been highly appreciated by the customers and as a result it has got very high rating from most of users so far. Let’s have a look at some of the features supported by this model.

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Digital touch screen

Philips hd9230/26 is one of the few models in the industry that comes with a digital touch display. A user can easily operate the appliance as the digital touch screen makes it easy for the user to select an option. So, you can now easily adjust the temperature level, which will help you to cook different types of food dishes

Auto-shut off

Auto-shut off feature was first supported by few models only, but now it is supported by all the latest air fryer models. This model also supports auto-shut off feature, which makes sure the food is cooked properly. Moreover, this model comes with 60 minute timer with ready signal, which helps the user to cook food perfectly.

Double layer rack

Air fryers usually have a reputation of low storage capacity. However, this model comes with a double layer rack that maximizes the cooking surface and allows the users to cook food in a larger quantity. So, now you do not need to cook food twice as you can cook large quantities of food in one go.

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Healthy cooking

As you are well aware with the fact that an air fryer is responsible for cooking healthy and delicious food, other models use a low amount of oil to cook food, but this model doesn’t use even a tablespoon of oil, which allows the user to eat healthy food. The main reason behind its healthy cooking is rapid air technology. This technology provides the appropriate amount of heating required to cook food without using oil.


Easy maintenance

Many users find it difficult to clean an air fryer, but this model can be easily cleaned in a few minutes. This model comes with dishwasher safe parts that make the user job easier. A user can easily wash the parts in a few minutes and use the appliance for cooking a new food dish.

Because of these features, Philips hd9230/26 is considered as the best air fryer currently available in the industry. With such incredible features, the performance of this model is far better than the other models.

Here is the most authentic & genuine Philips air fryer review

Philips is a well-known manufacturer of air fryers. One of the top rated Philip’s models is Calorie Cruncher. This model is available at a very reasonable rate and supports some incredible features in this price range. This model comes with temperature and time control, 2.2 cooking capacity and weights only 7 Kg, which makes it easy for the user to easily move the appliance from one place to another. Let’s have a look at the Philips Calorie Cruncher air fryer review.



This model is quite easy to operate as it comes with two knobs for controlling the time and temperature level. Even a child can easily operate this appliance, which makes it one of the popular models currently available. The temperature control allows the user to set temperature up to 200 degrees, which allows the user to cook different dishes. As soon as you the appliance achieve the temperature level set by the user, the LED light will turn green from red. Moreover, you can also open the food tray while cooking food in order to stir or flip the food.


One of the major reasons behind the massive popularity of Philips air fryer models is the use of Rapid Air Circulation technology. This model also supports this advanced technology for cooking, which reduces the amount of oil. Since this model also supports rapid air circulation technology, the hot air is circulated around the food tray which is responsible for providing the appropriate amount of heat required to cook food. Moreover, this appliance does not generate any smell or smoke as hot air is being used for cooking food.


This model is highly appreciated by the users and as a result, it has gained a positive air fryer review. This model is best for cooking different food dishes and that too with no use of oil. You can easily cook potato fingers, French fries and other popular fried dishes without using even a tablespoon of oil. The best part about this appliance is that it makes no compromise in the crispness and taste of fried dishes, even without using a tablespoon of oil. Apart from cooking fried food dishes, this model can also be used for baking cakes, cooking meats and other food dishes.

These are some of the major reasons behind the stupendous success of this appliance. So, now let’s have a look at some of the powerful features supported by this appliance.

air fryer review

Multiple uses

This model can be used for frying, baking, grilling and roasting purposes, which allows the user to eat delicious and tasty food.

Food separator

This model comes with a food operator that allows the user to cook two different dishes simultaneously. So, now you can easily cook two different dishes in a quick time, which saves you a lot of time.

These are some of the incredible features supported by this appliance. Overall, this model is an excellent option for cooking healthy and delicious food.

Why most of the air fryer reviews recommend Philips viva collection?

Everyone loves to eat fried food, but most of the people avoid eating fried food because of its major side effects. However, with the coming up of air fryers, people were able to enjoy fried food dishes as the dishes cooked by air fryers are oil free.


Most of the people were shocked to know that fried food dishes cooked by this new kitchen appliance are oil free and the crispness and taste remains the same. There are several air fryer models available in the market, but Philips air fryers are only considered as the best. Let’s have a look at the benefits of Philips air fryers over other manufacturers:


Philips viva collection air fryers do not use even a tablespoon of oil for cooking food, which allows the people to eat healthy and delicious food that is not at all unhygienic as the traditional method. Since no oil is being used for cooking, you do not need to spend extra time in the gym to stay away from the side effects of fried food, which is always a plus factor.

Multiple purposes

There are several air fryers which have the ability to perform multiple purposes such as grilling, baking, but Philips viva collection models are the only one which does full justice to it. Other models are good in one or two functions only, but Philips models are best in all the purposes which are one of the major reasons behind its huge success and positive air fryer reviews.

air fryer reviews

Easy to operate

Philips viva collection models come with dial timer and temperature control that makes it easy for the people to cook food, who are new to cooking. You just need to set the timer and set the temperature level and rest the appliance will take care of the food and notify you, once the food is cooked. Moreover, some models come with automatic shut off that turns off the heating coil one the food is perfectly cooked. It avoids over cooking of food, which ensures people enjoy delicious food all the time.

Energy efficient

Other models offering some mind boggling features might be less expensive as compared to Philips models, but will not be as energy efficient as viva collection models. Philips air fryers are well known for their energy efficient benefit, which allows the people to enjoy the useful services at a very low price as it consumes a very low power.


Easy maintenance

Philips air fryer models come with plastic exterior and non-stick pan, which makes it easy for the people to clean the appliance. Like other models, you do not need to put too many efforts in cleaning the cooking tray as Philips non-stick pan is perfectly cleaned in the first wash only.

These are some of the major benefits of Philips air fryer models which have helped it to gain positive air fryer reviews. So, prefer Philips air fryers only if you wish to take maximum benefit of this useful cooking appliance.

Philips air fryer disadvantages that you should be aware of

Everyone is busy in appraising Philips air fryers as it helps in cooking healthy and delicious food in a short period of time. However, there are few air fryer disadvantages, which must be in the knowledge of every person before he decides to make a purchase.

​Philips Air Fryers may be considered the best in its line of Air fryer brands, however, it also may not be the best for everyone."

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Five main disadvantages of Philips Airfryer

It takes some times to develop the taste

Since Philips air fryers do not use any oil for cooking, the food prepared is quite healthier. Because of this feature, a common question has been raised in several people’s minds about the taste of fry food dishes as no oil is being used for cooking.


Only a few people were completely satisfied with the taste as most of the people do not find the food taste too tasty as they found the fried food dishes too dry.

So, if you do not want to make any compromise with your health, then only purchase Philips models otherwise shift to other models.

Mammoth size

You always look out for a kitchen appliance that can be easily placed in the kitchen. This cooking appliance is quite bulky in size, which makes it difficult for the people to manage additional space in the kitchen.

However, if you have a small kitchen space, then look for different models with small size that can be easily placed on the counter top.

It may be little expensive as compared to other brands

Philips air fryers are highly appreciated all over the world because of their tremendous performance. With such superb performance, the price level is also high as compared to the other brands.

Philips basic air fryer model is priced the same as the top models of some other brands, which clearly shows that you need to empty your pockets to buy an elite Philips air fryer model.

It only runs on electricity

Philips air fryers run on electricity and without the electrical power, this appliance is of no use. No matter whether you live in a city or a town, you need to deal with frequent power cuts.

If you do not have an electricity power for most of the time and you are dependent on this kitchen appliance for food, then you need to face some serious issues.

Other brands are far better than Philips in this aspect, as they have released some models that run on electricity as well as batteries. So, unless you do not have power backups, such as inverters, you should prefer other air fryers brands over Philips models.

Not a replacement for ovens

Air fryers are well known for their multi-functional use as it can be used for baking, grilling, roasting and many other purposes. However, Philips air fryers are not able to perform well in multi functioning as they are only known for preparing fried snacks only.

Final Conclusion

These are some of the major Philips air fryer disadvantages, which question its top quality performance.

So, you may need to look for other air fryers brands as they might not be as reputed as Philips models, but has minimal flaws.

Let's recap advantages of Philips Air Fryers you should be aware of:

  • Taste produced is not satisfying for everyone.
  • Oversize which trouble your kitchen space management.
  • The price is the highest among other air fryer brands.
  • ​Electricity powered only, which is rather inconvenient.
  • Can not replace all other kitchen appliances' jobs.