What Could You Cook with an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a wise and healthy companion in the kitchen. It could help you get those crispy and tasty kinds of food, minus all the unhealthy oil that you normally use for cooking!

Whether you’re new or old to using an air fryer, there sure is a lot to learn about it for each passing day. People are born with that innate creativity.


Have you seen all the videos and tutorials on what one could cook with a rice cooker? There’s a lot and some are beyond one’s imagination, right? Well here, we’ll try and reveal more to you on what different kinds of food you could cook in an air fryer.

There’s an awful lot, and you’re in for some healthy and tasty recipes for the coming week!

What you could do with an Air Fryer


Did you know? The air fryer isn’t just for fried chicken and fries! You could actually roast, fry, grill, and bake with an air fryer! Don’t let the name fool you!


This is the most common use of an air fryer. With the air fryer, you can make your favorite fried chicken and fries with all the crisp and taste that you love with it!

What else can you make? You can make fish and chips, and other fried vegetables! Such as carrot chips, eggplant chips, and even some crispy sweet potatoes! Match that with your favorite dip or eat as it is!

Advantages of using an air fryer for frying:

  • Safer - with a full cover and all safety features and programs, you don't have to worry about getting unwanted accidents in the kitchen.
  • Ease of use - unlike using a pan which you often have to stand right next to it so you can control the heat, flip over the food, etc, an air fryer do things on its own.
  • Much more healthy - Using an air fryer requires much less oil, and even drain the remaining oil when the cooking is finished.


This has to be one of the loveliest surprises that I’ve unraveled from the internet. You could actually bake with an air fryer! You can now start thinking of your favorite muffin, cupcake, and moist cake flavors.


There are dozens of recipes online! It’s easy. Simply mix the ingredients in a separate bowl, place them in little bun cases (for cupcakes and muffins), and place them in the air fryer! You’ll have it ready in less than 10 mins!

Grilling and Roasting

Coat your meat or food of choice with your favorite spices, or marinate it for hours in your favorite recipe, and grill or roast it with your air fryer.


The advantages? Unlike grilling, you won’t have to flip it over a couple of times, and it has a cover so your face doesn’t have to endure all that heatAn air fryer also roasts faster than your oven. Having a sumptuous dinner hasn’t been this easy!

An Air Fry may have limit, but your imagination does not

An air fryer could just do so much. In the end, try the most common and basic recipes online and then, here comes the most interesting part: let your imagination be your limits! Just make sure to review on your air fryer’s manual for some major do’s and don’ts.


With these information in mind, cook whatever taste you’d like to have on top of your taste buds! Maximize your air fryer’s use and enjoy your healthy companion’s finish products! Just imagining all these make us go hungry! Time to get to the kitchen now and start unraveling all the wonders that your air fryer can do!"

John Doe
UI/UX Designer

If you don’t have one yet, having one could be the perfect gift for yourself this year.

Must haves for living a healthy life

Healthy, organic meals had been a trend recently."

Rachel Taylor
Nutrition Expert

People are starting to look for the words “organic”, “no added preservatives”, “less oil”, “no trans-fat” and “fresh produce” from market labels. Why is this happening? Our lifestye now has made most of us restless and stress. We’ve resorted to everything fast now. Fastfood, quick exercise routines, even power naps! We somehow started to neglect the simple things that truly matter; like good sleep and food.


How can one stay healthy in such a fast-paced life? Here are some must haves to kickstart your big switch:

Good friends


Good friends are for happy time, and happy time makes you healthy.

This is gonna be your source of strength and motivation. In a world surrounded by fast and easy options that are often unhealthy, you need a friend that will help set your eyes straight on the goal. This is also a buddy that you could cook healthy meals and other healthy stuff with!

Meal plans

We know how you felt when you saw this. This may seem intimidating, and it sure isn’t easy to make but as Nike says on its tagline, “Just do it!”! There are so many temptations around and it could be hard to resist all of them most times.


If you already have planned meals, you would never go hungry and end up being tempted to go to the easy and unhealthy options. The only battle that would be left is craving! You can beat that!

Organize cooking sessions with friends or take the time to search for healthy alternatives on google. As much as you can, avoid eating outside and just splurge and give your all for making the best homemade meals there ever could be!



With healthy meal plans come healthy cooking buddies! Cook lightly and avoid grease as much as you could! Oil and fat could clog arteries and cause complications later in life. Keeping a grill at home could be fun! Barbeque parties need not be a special occasion. Grill seafood, vegetables, and meat! Their equally tasty but much healthier!



We know what you thought and we mentioned oil, grease, and grilling. What about fries and crispy, juicy, crispy-fried chicken? What would the world be like without them? Fret no more! There a way to go around this dilemma. Air-fryers are compact appliances that could help you in achieving that nice crisp to your favorite snacks –minus the oil and grease! If you haven’t tried this, you should totally consider getting one.

An oven


If you don’t have one yet, an oven could be a good buddy in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Although baked recipes aren’t always made to be healthy, you can make up for that by searching for healthy alternative ingredients for baking. Also, everybody needs homemade pastries and other baked meals.

Vegetable garden


Fresh produce and organics could sometimes be a luxury, but not when it’s just right at your backyard. If you have some space, you can grow vegetables in your garden. Zuchinis, lettuce, squash, and maybe carrots. Plant your favorites and make them accessible all the time! This isn’t just for food, gardening could also be a relaxing exercise.

A heart rate monitor

A heart rate monitor is a must-have buddy for effective exercise. There are many options in the market. It could be a watch, on your neck, or on your arms. Buy one so you can monitor your heart rate as you exercise. Make sure that your body takes enough effort to carry out an activity, but not too much to the point of over exertion. The ideal heart rate when exercising varies from person to person. Check online to compute for your ideal heart rate by putting in your age and weight.

These seven are basically the best that you could own to start and keep a healthy lifestyle. To be order to keep from falling back to old habits, it is important to surround yourself with healthy options all the time."

Rachel Taylor
Nutrition Expert

Although technology may be the primary cause of this world’s fast pace, it’s making up for it by coming up with ways to bring us back healthy and natural options. Being healthy is not merely the result of discipline, it is a lifestyle choice that we fight for every day. Good luck on your journey! Carpe diem!

Philips air fryer disadvantages that you should be aware of

Everyone is busy in appraising Philips air fryers as it helps in cooking healthy and delicious food in a short period of time. However, there are few air fryer disadvantages, which must be in the knowledge of every person before he decides to make a purchase.

​Philips Air Fryers may be considered the best in its line of Air fryer brands, however, it also may not be the best for everyone."

John Doe
Kitchenweapon Admin

Five main disadvantages of Philips Airfryer

It takes some times to develop the taste

Since Philips air fryers do not use any oil for cooking, the food prepared is quite healthier. Because of this feature, a common question has been raised in several people’s minds about the taste of fry food dishes as no oil is being used for cooking.


Only a few people were completely satisfied with the taste as most of the people do not find the food taste too tasty as they found the fried food dishes too dry.

So, if you do not want to make any compromise with your health, then only purchase Philips models otherwise shift to other models.

Mammoth size

You always look out for a kitchen appliance that can be easily placed in the kitchen. This cooking appliance is quite bulky in size, which makes it difficult for the people to manage additional space in the kitchen.

However, if you have a small kitchen space, then look for different models with small size that can be easily placed on the counter top.

It may be little expensive as compared to other brands

Philips air fryers are highly appreciated all over the world because of their tremendous performance. With such superb performance, the price level is also high as compared to the other brands.

Philips basic air fryer model is priced the same as the top models of some other brands, which clearly shows that you need to empty your pockets to buy an elite Philips air fryer model.

It only runs on electricity

Philips air fryers run on electricity and without the electrical power, this appliance is of no use. No matter whether you live in a city or a town, you need to deal with frequent power cuts.

If you do not have an electricity power for most of the time and you are dependent on this kitchen appliance for food, then you need to face some serious issues.

Other brands are far better than Philips in this aspect, as they have released some models that run on electricity as well as batteries. So, unless you do not have power backups, such as inverters, you should prefer other air fryers brands over Philips models.

Not a replacement for ovens

Air fryers are well known for their multi-functional use as it can be used for baking, grilling, roasting and many other purposes. However, Philips air fryers are not able to perform well in multi functioning as they are only known for preparing fried snacks only.

Final Conclusion

These are some of the major Philips air fryer disadvantages, which question its top quality performance.

So, you may need to look for other air fryers brands as they might not be as reputed as Philips models, but has minimal flaws.

Let's recap advantages of Philips Air Fryers you should be aware of:

  • Taste produced is not satisfying for everyone.
  • Oversize which trouble your kitchen space management.
  • The price is the highest among other air fryer brands.
  • ​Electricity powered only, which is rather inconvenient.
  • Can not replace all other kitchen appliances' jobs.

Why is it good to buy a Philips air fryer?

Since the release of kitchen’s most popular cooking appliance, i,e. air fryer, people has been able to cook healthy and delicious food and that too in a quick time. Philips is a reputed manufacturer of this cooking appliance and has released some superb models which are certainly better than the other models available in the market. Let’s have a look at the top 5 reasons, why you should choose Philips air fryers over other manufacturer’s models:

No need to add oil


One of the major benefits of choosing a Philips cooking appliance is that you do not need to add oil for cooking food. Other models require very less amount of oil, i.e. approximately two tablespoons of oil, but Philips models do not require such amount of oil too. The main reason behind oil free cooking food is temperature level. You can set the temperature level up to 200° C which allows the hot air to move quickly, which adds crispness to the dish.

Ability to grill, roast and gratinate

Philips Airfyer is not only responsible for air frying but also for roasting, grilling and gratinating. All the models do not have the ability to perform multiple features, which makes it a better option than the other models. However, to enjoy such major benefit, you should be well aware about the temperature level and the timing, if you wish to get the most out of this cooking appliance.

Super size with a mammoth food capacity

Many people are not satisfied with an air fryer as it has a very low food capacity, which means a user need to repeat the cooking process two to three times to cook food in a large quantity. However, Philips has released some super models which have a mammoth storage capacity, which means you can cook the appropriate amount of food in single operation only.


Air baking is also possible

Many people are not aware with the fact that, air fryers can be used for baking purposes too. Although, all models are not capable of performing the baking task, but Philips air fryers do have the ability to bake. The performances of these super models are far better than the ovens because of the rapid air technology being used for baking.

Easy to clean

Philips models are easy to clean as compared to the other models as they include a fryer basket, pan and the main fryer unit. You only need to clean the basket and the fryer, which doesn’t take more than 30 seconds to clean. To clean the basket and pan, you need a sponge, washing liquid solution and some hot water. Within a few seconds, you can properly clean and wash the baskets and pan.

These are some of the major benefits of Philips air fryers which make them the best air fryers currently available in the market. Moreover, Philips is a renowned brand and you can easily buy the super models with some lighting features at a very reasonable price.

Important tips related to air fryer safety

Food is an essential part of life and everyone wants to cook a perfect meal. Air Fryer is a popular cooking appliance that helps the people to accomplish this motto of their life as it can cook delicious food and that too without using a lot of oil. Since, less oil is used, this appliance proves out to be quite helpful for the individuals who are suffering from health issues.

Apart from cooking healthy and delicious food, this popular kitchen appliance can also lead to some major problems that can make the conditions worse. However, some concerns are relevant while some are totally irrelevant. So, first of all, let’s have a look at the misconceptions related to this appliance:

EMF standards are not maintained


Most of the air fryer owners claim that this appliance releases electromagnetic fields when it is turned on, which damages the functionality of the other devices placed near this appliance. However, this is totally a myth as this appliance is manufactured according to the standards set up by the EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields). You are advised to know about all the safety concerns related to this appliance for a better cooking experience.

Extreme heat level can be dangerous

This appliance uses hot air circulation technology to cook food and it is absolutely correct to assume that the outer body will get heated up whenever you are cooking any dish. Although, this appliance uses extreme heat for cooking food but will never lead to any danger as it is made up of high quality material which can easily absorb extreme heat level. But still, prefer to stay away from the appliance whenever you are cooking a dish.

These are some of the irrelevant concerns related to this appliance. Now, let’s have a look at the important safety tips related to the safety of this popular kitchen appliance which will help you to enjoy tasty food without any risk.

Never wash the electrical components

Many people expose this appliance directly under the tap to clean it properly. However, by doing so electrical components also come in contact with the water, which affect the functionality of this appliance. Moreover, it can also lead to electrical shocks sometimes which might out the individual life in danger. So, read the appliance manual before starting the cleaning process.

Use the appropriate amount of oil

Many people use a lot of oil for cooking food in order to make the food crispy and delicious. However, this appliance adds the crispness level without requiring a lot of oil. So, if you add more amount of oil than required, then this kitchen appliance can lead to fire danger which is not at all a good sign. So, use appropriate amount of oil to enjoy delicious and crispy food without any risk.


These are some of the safety tips, which must be followed by every air fryer owner to prevent any danger. So, get this popular kitchen appliance as soon as possible to enjoy delicious and healthy food.