Comparison- Deep Fryer vs. Air Fryer

Deep fryer and air fryer sound similar because both are responsible for cooking regular food. A different method is used for cooking food in these appliances, but the taste is similar as the food produced is delicious and crispy.


Apart from the method there is a lot of difference between a deep fryer and air fryer in terms of features, size, healthiness, maintenance and many more aspects. Let’s have a look at the major differences between these two popular kitchen appliances:

Five main differences between Air fryers and deep fryers


There is a lot of similarity in these two popular kitchen appliances in terms of features as both comes with adjustable temperature settings, removable tray, digital screens and user control.


However, the major difference between them in terms of features is auto shut off.

Air fryer automatically turns off the heating coil depending upon the cooking time, whereas deep fryers comes with an adequate odour control which uses charcoal filters which turns off the heating coil once the food is properly cooked.

Size and capacity

​These appliances are a lot different in terms of size and capacity because air fryers are usually small in size as compared to deep fryer which means a deep fryer can cook food in a huge amount as compared to air fryer.


If you are looking for a fryer for cooking occasionally snacks or a small meal, then air fryer is the best option as it has a less capacity which cooks food in a quick time.

However, for daily purpose and cooking food in a huge amount prefer deep fryer as it has a mammoth capacity which is enough to feed the whole family.


Oil is needed to get the right amount of crispiness. Deep fryers use a large amount of oil to provide the exact amount of crispness, whereas on the other side air fryers operate by using a very low quantity of oil and produce same results i.e. delicious and crisp food.


So, prefer air fryer over the deep fryer as the food produced is less oily, which definitely keeps you safe from the side effects of oily food such as obesity, heart problems and many more.


Both the appliances are easy to maintain as you need to wash out the tray and other basic components. However, cleaning air fryer is much easier as compared to deep fryers because you don’t need to drain the oil before cleaning the fryer.


Moreover, the size of the air fryer is small as compared to deep fryers which mean you need to put fewer efforts in cleaning air fryer.


There is not a lot of difference in the price of these kitchen appliances, but air fryer is expensive as compared to deep fryer because it uses rapid air technology for cooking food and is more efficient in producing healthy and delicious fry food.

These are some of the major differences between the two most popular kitchen appliances. Air fryers are better in terms of maintenance and healthiness whereas deep fryers are better in terms of capacity and features.

Five advantages that make an Air fryer more stand out than a deep fryer:

  • Auto turn off feature - this feature is really a game changing in term of safetiness. Also save you from unwanted food results.
  • Comparable size - more space for your kitchen.
  • Healthiness - reduce to minimum risk of getting heart deseases and other health problems.
  • Easier maintenance - effort put on the design of Air Fryers make them more frendly to maintenance.