Cook these amazing recipes with an air fryer

In order to cook a delicious food dish, you need to regularly keep an eye on the cooking process in order to prevent it from overcooking. If you find it difficult to put out too many efforts, then you should buy the kitchen’s most popular cooking appliance i.e. air fryer. This appliance allows the person to cook delicious food and that too without keeping an eye on the cooking process as this appliance will automatically turn off the cooking foil, once the food is properly cooked.

With such popular kitchen appliance, you would love to cook wide varieties of food dishes. To make your job easier, we have shortlisted top 4 amazing recipes which are great in taste and can be prepared within few minutes.

Ham and Egg Bread Cups


One of the simplest yet delicious food dishes is ham and egg bread cups. You can easily prepare this delicious food dish in minutes as you do not need to use too many ingredients, which definitely saves a lot of cooking time. Ingredients required for this dish are bread, egg, ham and cheese.

To make this dish stuff the bread pieces into a muffin mould and fill it with ham and cheese. The next step is to crack an egg into it and put it into this popular kitchen appliance. After a few minutes, your dish will be ready and you can serve it to the guests or family members.

Sausage Rolls

To prepare sausage rolls, you only required the short crust dough, which is easily available in the supermarkets frozen section. Get the short crust dough and wrap them along with the sausages. Place it in air fryer and after a few minutes you can eat your favourite sausage rolls.


Rainbow Nutella Croissant

Buy the readymade puff pastry from the supermarket and spread nutella all over it. Now, use rainbow sprinkles for garnishing the pastry. Within seconds, you can get both the jobs then and once you are finished with these tasks, place them in the appliance. After a few minutes, turn off the appliance and get the delicious rainbow nutella croissant out to enjoy a mouth-watering food dish.

Cheese Mochi Balls

This food dish requires more effort than the other dishes mentioned above, but is quite popular among the food lovers as it is considered as the best dish to be served in the evenings. To prepare this dish you require 100g rice flour, 100ml milk, and 50g cheese and ½ tablespoon vegetable oil.

The steps involved in making this delicious food dish are quite easy as you first need to dump all the items in the blender and blend it until it becomes dough. The next step is to make small balls from the dough and pop them in the air fryer. Set the temperature level at 150°C and after 12-14 minutes, cheese balls will be ready to eat.

These are some of the popular food dishes which must be cooked in air fryers as they offer a superb taste and crispness.