Merits and De-merits of air fryer and drying cooking

Different methods are being used for cooking. Some prefer dry heat method while some prefer wet cooking method because each method has its own pros and cons.

However, you cannot simply use one method for all the recipes so it’s important to choose a perfect cooking method depending upon the dish.


If you find it difficult to choose a perfect cooking method, then get an air fryer. With the help of this appliance you can easily cook food in any method.

Food cooked by this appliance is best in taste and healthy as it doesn’t require too much oil to cook food because of rapid air circulation technology.


Dry cooking methods such as broiling, deep fat frying are quite rich in flavour because of the caramelization. However, they are also rich in fat and calories which are some of the demerits of this cooking method. Let’s have a look at the merits of drying cooking.

Merits of dry cooking method

Perfect in texture and crunch

If you are using dry cooking food, then your food will have a perfect texture and crunch, which you will never get from other cooking methods especially wet cooking method.


You can create a crust on the food using roasting or grilling method. Moreover, grilling method adds a smoky flavour to the dish if you use this method on an open grill.

Complete control over the flavour

One of the major benefits of using dry cooking food method is that it gives more control over the flavours you can add to the dish.


You will enjoy the taste of each flavour you add into the dish using this method, whereas if you use dry cooking method such as steamed or poached then flavours will run off the dish.

However, on the demerits of dry cooking method

It requires fat to prepare a dish

This method utilizes fat for preparing dishes. Like other methods, you do not need to add oil to keep food away from sticking, but you need to use some sort of fat if you want to cook food with this method.


If you do not brush a piece of meat or fish with oil on the grill, then it will become difficult for you to pry off the grill. Since fat is added in the dish, the food is rich in calories and fat which is definitely not healthy.

It dries food out


This method requires full attention because if you leave the food in the heat too long then it will dry out. Moreover, this method is not at all suitable for the people who love to eat dishes with juicer finish.

Unable to preserve all the nutritions

Another important disadvantage of not only dry cooking method, but also a wet cooking method is that they are unable to preserve all the nutrients of the food. Whether you cook food in water or on dry heat, the food will lose its most of the nutrients.


The best way to preserve nutrients is to use a popular kitchen appliance i.e. air fryer. This appliance makes sure the food is properly cooked without leaching out its nutrients.

Dry cooking food methods or wet methods or any method of cooking foods has it own pros and cons, however, you can still make the best use out of dry cooking with an effective good Air Fryer."

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