Must haves for living a healthy life

Healthy, organic meals had been a trend recently."

Rachel Taylor
Nutrition Expert

People are starting to look for the words “organic”, “no added preservatives”, “less oil”, “no trans-fat” and “fresh produce” from market labels. Why is this happening? Our lifestye now has made most of us restless and stress. We’ve resorted to everything fast now. Fastfood, quick exercise routines, even power naps! We somehow started to neglect the simple things that truly matter; like good sleep and food.


How can one stay healthy in such a fast-paced life? Here are some must haves to kickstart your big switch:

Good friends


Good friends are for happy time, and happy time makes you healthy.

This is gonna be your source of strength and motivation. In a world surrounded by fast and easy options that are often unhealthy, you need a friend that will help set your eyes straight on the goal. This is also a buddy that you could cook healthy meals and other healthy stuff with!

Meal plans

We know how you felt when you saw this. This may seem intimidating, and it sure isn’t easy to make but as Nike says on its tagline, “Just do it!”! There are so many temptations around and it could be hard to resist all of them most times.


If you already have planned meals, you would never go hungry and end up being tempted to go to the easy and unhealthy options. The only battle that would be left is craving! You can beat that!

Organize cooking sessions with friends or take the time to search for healthy alternatives on google. As much as you can, avoid eating outside and just splurge and give your all for making the best homemade meals there ever could be!



With healthy meal plans come healthy cooking buddies! Cook lightly and avoid grease as much as you could! Oil and fat could clog arteries and cause complications later in life. Keeping a grill at home could be fun! Barbeque parties need not be a special occasion. Grill seafood, vegetables, and meat! Their equally tasty but much healthier!



We know what you thought and we mentioned oil, grease, and grilling. What about fries and crispy, juicy, crispy-fried chicken? What would the world be like without them? Fret no more! There a way to go around this dilemma. Air-fryers are compact appliances that could help you in achieving that nice crisp to your favorite snacks –minus the oil and grease! If you haven’t tried this, you should totally consider getting one.

An oven


If you don’t have one yet, an oven could be a good buddy in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Although baked recipes aren’t always made to be healthy, you can make up for that by searching for healthy alternative ingredients for baking. Also, everybody needs homemade pastries and other baked meals.

Vegetable garden


Fresh produce and organics could sometimes be a luxury, but not when it’s just right at your backyard. If you have some space, you can grow vegetables in your garden. Zuchinis, lettuce, squash, and maybe carrots. Plant your favorites and make them accessible all the time! This isn’t just for food, gardening could also be a relaxing exercise.

A heart rate monitor

A heart rate monitor is a must-have buddy for effective exercise. There are many options in the market. It could be a watch, on your neck, or on your arms. Buy one so you can monitor your heart rate as you exercise. Make sure that your body takes enough effort to carry out an activity, but not too much to the point of over exertion. The ideal heart rate when exercising varies from person to person. Check online to compute for your ideal heart rate by putting in your age and weight.

These seven are basically the best that you could own to start and keep a healthy lifestyle. To be order to keep from falling back to old habits, it is important to surround yourself with healthy options all the time."

Rachel Taylor
Nutrition Expert

Although technology may be the primary cause of this world’s fast pace, it’s making up for it by coming up with ways to bring us back healthy and natural options. Being healthy is not merely the result of discipline, it is a lifestyle choice that we fight for every day. Good luck on your journey! Carpe diem!