Why is it good to buy a Philips air fryer?

Since the release of kitchen’s most popular cooking appliance, i,e. air fryer, people has been able to cook healthy and delicious food and that too in a quick time. Philips is a reputed manufacturer of this cooking appliance and has released some superb models which are certainly better than the other models available in the market. Let’s have a look at the top 5 reasons, why you should choose Philips air fryers over other manufacturer’s models:

No need to add oil


One of the major benefits of choosing a Philips cooking appliance is that you do not need to add oil for cooking food. Other models require very less amount of oil, i.e. approximately two tablespoons of oil, but Philips models do not require such amount of oil too. The main reason behind oil free cooking food is temperature level. You can set the temperature level up to 200° C which allows the hot air to move quickly, which adds crispness to the dish.

Ability to grill, roast and gratinate

Philips Airfyer is not only responsible for air frying but also for roasting, grilling and gratinating. All the models do not have the ability to perform multiple features, which makes it a better option than the other models. However, to enjoy such major benefit, you should be well aware about the temperature level and the timing, if you wish to get the most out of this cooking appliance.

Super size with a mammoth food capacity

Many people are not satisfied with an air fryer as it has a very low food capacity, which means a user need to repeat the cooking process two to three times to cook food in a large quantity. However, Philips has released some super models which have a mammoth storage capacity, which means you can cook the appropriate amount of food in single operation only.


Air baking is also possible

Many people are not aware with the fact that, air fryers can be used for baking purposes too. Although, all models are not capable of performing the baking task, but Philips air fryers do have the ability to bake. The performances of these super models are far better than the ovens because of the rapid air technology being used for baking.

Easy to clean

Philips models are easy to clean as compared to the other models as they include a fryer basket, pan and the main fryer unit. You only need to clean the basket and the fryer, which doesn’t take more than 30 seconds to clean. To clean the basket and pan, you need a sponge, washing liquid solution and some hot water. Within a few seconds, you can properly clean and wash the baskets and pan.

These are some of the major benefits of Philips air fryers which make them the best air fryers currently available in the market. Moreover, Philips is a renowned brand and you can easily buy the super models with some lighting features at a very reasonable price.