Why most of the air fryer reviews recommend Philips viva collection?

Everyone loves to eat fried food, but most of the people avoid eating fried food because of its major side effects. However, with the coming up of air fryers, people were able to enjoy fried food dishes as the dishes cooked by air fryers are oil free.


Most of the people were shocked to know that fried food dishes cooked by this new kitchen appliance are oil free and the crispness and taste remains the same. There are several air fryer models available in the market, but Philips air fryers are only considered as the best. Let’s have a look at the benefits of Philips air fryers over other manufacturers:


Philips viva collection air fryers do not use even a tablespoon of oil for cooking food, which allows the people to eat healthy and delicious food that is not at all unhygienic as the traditional method. Since no oil is being used for cooking, you do not need to spend extra time in the gym to stay away from the side effects of fried food, which is always a plus factor.

Multiple purposes

There are several air fryers which have the ability to perform multiple purposes such as grilling, baking, but Philips viva collection models are the only one which does full justice to it. Other models are good in one or two functions only, but Philips models are best in all the purposes which are one of the major reasons behind its huge success and positive air fryer reviews.

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Easy to operate

Philips viva collection models come with dial timer and temperature control that makes it easy for the people to cook food, who are new to cooking. You just need to set the timer and set the temperature level and rest the appliance will take care of the food and notify you, once the food is cooked. Moreover, some models come with automatic shut off that turns off the heating coil one the food is perfectly cooked. It avoids over cooking of food, which ensures people enjoy delicious food all the time.

Energy efficient

Other models offering some mind boggling features might be less expensive as compared to Philips models, but will not be as energy efficient as viva collection models. Philips air fryers are well known for their energy efficient benefit, which allows the people to enjoy the useful services at a very low price as it consumes a very low power.


Easy maintenance

Philips air fryer models come with plastic exterior and non-stick pan, which makes it easy for the people to clean the appliance. Like other models, you do not need to put too many efforts in cleaning the cooking tray as Philips non-stick pan is perfectly cleaned in the first wash only.

These are some of the major benefits of Philips air fryer models which have helped it to gain positive air fryer reviews. So, prefer Philips air fryers only if you wish to take maximum benefit of this useful cooking appliance.